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How To Find A Reliable Pressure Washing Company In East Longmeadow, MA

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When you look for a professional pressure washing company for service in East Longmeadow, you want to know they will do good work, treat you with respect, and treat your home with care. Everyone knows what type of damage pressure washing can do to wooden decks, vinyl siding, and roof shingles. You most certainly don't want to deal with pressure washing damage or even a company who offers lousy service.

So, how do you find a reliable pressure washing company that you feel great about calling the next time you need service? There's never a guarantee, but you can start by asking questions when you call East Longmeadow pressure washing companies to get estimates. As you would before hiring any type of contractor, you'll want to know the answers to the following four questions.

Is your pressure washing company licensed and insured?

You'll always want to hire a licensed and insured pressure washing company. The business license and insurance protect your East Longmeadow family from scams by so-called “professionals” who go down to Home Depot to rent a pressure washer and have no idea what they're doing.

Do you provide free estimates?

Who wouldn't want a free estimate, right? Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that every East Longmeadow pressure washing company will provide a free estimate.

As you call and speak to different companies, make sure get clarification as to whether they will be charging you to meet you at your home. You may think that you're giving them your address so they can swing by and give you an estimate, when in fact they are showing up to do the work or charge you a service call for the estimate!

Do you pressure wash all surfaces the same way?

If you call a pressure washing company and the person on the phone doesn't have any idea what you mean by that question, they probably do wash all surfaces the same way.

There are certain building materials, such as roof shingles and house siding, that should never be pressure washed. This is how siding and roof shingles get damaged. Low-pressure cleaning or non-pressure soft washing should be used for roof cleaning and house washing.

If they seem confused by this question or try to avoid answering it, feel free to ask them directly if they use the low-pressure or soft washing method or just traditional pressure washing.

Do you screen and background check your pressure washing technicians?

You can rest assured that the pressure washing technicians you’re inviting to your home have been properly vetted by Western Mass ProWash with thorough background checks. We guarantee you’ll get reliable service you can trust!

Western Mass ProWash is a local pressure washing company who provides service in East Longmeadow, MA. Get a FREE ESTIMATE by calling 413-366-1003 or complete our Online Request Form