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Western Mass ProWash: Wilbraham's Premier Pressure Washing Company

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Expect nothing less than the best from your pressure washing company? The focus of our pressure washing company is to provide great customer service on every job we are trusted with in Wilbraham. Our dedication to quality service and commitment to each customer is what sets us apart from other local pressure washing companies.

An important part of providing superior customer service is to make sure that our work leaves your exterior surfaces clean and stain-free. Additionally, we make sure that our Wilbraham pressure washing technicians follow our company philosophy of doing good, hard work our customers can trust.

Would you like to find out more about what we can do for you? If you've been looking for a Wilbraham pressure washing company you can depend on for expert commercial or residential exterior cleaning services, call us today!

  • Expert Roof Cleaning & House Washing
  • Commercial Building Cleaning
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Fence Cleaning & More!

House Washing

Are concerned about cleaning your dirty brick siding, vinyl siding, James Hardie siding, or any other siding? If so, it's good you are concerned about house washing professionals who may damage the material. Siding damage is an expensive problem that pressure washing can cause.

What usually winds up happening is that the homeowner later discovers their siding warranty was voided because improper house washing methods were used. However, sometimes the damage is obvious right away, especially with cleaning vinyl siding. Our professionals use soft washing method because it's the safe house washing method siding manufacturers recommend.

Roof Cleaning

Your life is probably pretty busy, so much so that roof cleaning is probably not on your list of priorities! While living is full of responsibilities and schedules you can barely keep up with, it only takes a quick call to schedule a Wilbraham roof cleaning service with our pressure washing company. The truth of the matter is that roof cleaning is preventative maintenance for your roof shingles. Did you know your roof can last much longer with regular cleaning? It's true!

Those dark roof shingles and streaks mean that algae is eating away at your rooftop! When we use soft washing to clean your roof, it doesn't just clean the grime, it gets rid of the algae by killing it.

We use soft washing because we know it works, it's safe, and it's the ONLY recommended cleaning method that is approved by roof shingle manufacturers. Get rid of the algae, and you'll be preventing early shingle decay!

Our Latest Projects in Wilbraham, MA

Gutter Cleaning Wilbraham, MA

gutter cleaning in Wilbraham MA

It was the day before a rain and ice storm and this client called us hoping we would be able to get the gutter cleaning done that day. We try to do whatever we can to help our clients and luckily for him we were able to squeeze the cleaning in before the end of the day [...]

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Power washing in Wilbraham MA

Power washing in Wilbraham MA

Our team of professional power washing and roof cleaning experts cleaned this home in Wilbraham Ma on Main St utilizing the latest professional equipment and biodegradable detergents with outstanding results. The owner of the home said that it had not been cleaned for over 5 years. We used a technique [...]

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Roof Cleaning and Deck Cleaning Wilbraham, MA

Roof Cleaning and Deck Cleaning Wilbraham, MA

Western Mass Prowash washed the roof and restored three wooden decks for this client's uniqu home in Wilbraham, MA on Wagon Drive. Their roof had algae and some moss that was cleaned with our non-pressure roof cleaning process. The decks had not been cleaned in years and had algae which were dangerous to walk on [...]

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Pressure Washing Tips & Articles For Your Home & Business

Basic Guide To Roof Cleaning & Maintenance For Wilbraham Homes

Roof cleaning and maintenance are just a part of owning a home and protecting the investment you've already put into it. As a Wilbraham roof cleaning professional who's seen many roofs replaced years earlier than they should've because of the algae damage, we want to increase homeowner awareness about roof cleaning and maintenance [...]

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Avoid Siding Damage When House Washing Your Hampden Home

When you look around for information about how to avoid siding damage when house washing your Hampden, MA house, you'll see some conflicting information about pressure washing, using bleach to treat algae, and what works best to clean the siding. The problem is that most people looking for house washing tips have never done it before. They don't know how to properly handle a pressure washer or use detergents or chemicals [...]

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