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Wood Deck Cleaning East Longmeadow, MA

 Wood Deck Cleaning East Longmeadow, MA

March 15, 2024

This customer in East Longmeadow Ma on Kibbe Rd called the pros at Western Mass Prowash to provide our deck cleaning service to their 15 year old wooden deck that has never been cleaned before. One of worries the owner had was that when the deck was wet it was extremely slippery. They originally thought that they were going to have to replace the decking. We were able to fully clean the dirt, mold, and algae so it was no longer an eye sore or hazard. We also stripped some loose paint for the customer to help prep that area for paint.

Once the wood was cleaned we followed up a wood brightening agent to help bring back the wood’s original color. This customer was extremely happy with the end results and they now enjoy their time on their clean deck.

As the area's leading pressure washing company, we take pleasure in seeing dramatic transformations like these. Call us today to find out more about how we can restore your deck to it's former glory!

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