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Basic Guide To Roof Cleaning & Maintenance For Wilbraham Homes

Basic Guide To Roof Cleaning & Maintenance For Wilbraham Homes

Roof cleaning and maintenance are just a part of owning a home and protecting the investment you've already put into it. As a Wilbraham roof cleaning professional who has seen many roofs replaced years earlier than they should've because of the algae, lichen, and moss damage, we want to increase the homeowner’s awareness about roof cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning your roof can help you avoid early roof damage, saving you thousands of dollars over the years! Read these tips below from our pressure washing pros at Western Mass ProWash about roof cleaning and how to maintain your roof.

Proper Roof Cleaning Methods

There is more to roof cleaning than keeping the debris off the roof. It's unfortunate that some homeowners in Wilbraham don't understand or are unaware that the roof actually needs to be washed. These homeowners unfortunately have roofs with shingles that don't last as long as they should have.

Pressure washing is not the right way to clean a roof. Roof cleaning should be done with a gentle detergent and low-water pressure. Do you have asphalt shingles? If you take a look at asphalt shingles up close, you'll see little granules in them. Some of those lighter grain flecks are limestone. Limestone filler has been used by the asphalt shingle manufacturers since the 80s. Pressure washing can knock the granules and limestone filler out of the asphalt shingle. Once that happens, the shingles will get weak and potentially start to develop leaking issues.

The right roof cleaning method is soft washing. Soft wash roof cleaning involves spraying a gentle, biodegradable cleaning solution all over the roof surface, allowing it to sit, and then rinsing it off. This is the roof cleaning method we use at Western Mass ProWash because it will safely and effectively remove the growth off your roof.

How Often Roof Cleaning Should Be Done

Most Wilbraham homeowners can get away with having their roof cleaned once every 4-6 years. However, some roofs may need more regular cleaning because of different environmental exposures. Be proactive about roof maintenance and make sure the roof cleaning is done at the early stages of visible growth to help ensure minimal damage from algae, lichen, and moss.

Removing Tree Debris

Removing tree debris from your roof should be a regular part of cleaning it. It's important to get rid of any decaying leaves that get stuck in the valleys and crevices, as well as any dead sticks, twigs, or branches. Leaving it on the roof will damage your shingles over time.

Nearly every house lot in Wilbraham has some type of tree growing on it. Trees are wonderful, but they do drop debris on the roof if they are located close enough to your house. While it's best to trim tree branches so that they don't grow over the roof, it's not always possible. If you can, trim all tree limbs away from the house.

At the very least, you'll want to keep the roof clean and free of tree debris as often as possible. Rather than risking your neck by getting up on a ladder and then the roof, we recommend that you purchase a roof rake brush kit. They work great, and you can clean your roof from the ground. You can find them for around $35 on Amazon. The best type is either the rubber rake or those that look like push brooms.

Keeping The Gutters Clean

If you let leaves and debris sit inside gutters long enough, plants can start growing out of the gutters. It's a strange sight, trust us! The point is, keep your gutters clean so they can protect your roof as they should. Clogged gutters do nothing to protect your roof or siding from rainwater damage. In fact, gutter clogs cause roof damage.

Keep your gutters cleaned out on a regular basis if you expect your roof to stay in good shape. If you need to, pick up the phone and get help from our Wilbraham roof cleaning company today!


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